Recruiters Aren’t The Enemy!

Too often candidates shun good recruiters who could be the key to their potential dream job. I’ve been recruiting for some time now, and through warm and cold calls I’ve heard it all.

While I know most recruiters are selling a relationship, multiple jobs, and the American dream, candidates are becoming less likely to give them the time of day until they’re laid off or fired.

With any career, some people just aren’t good at what they do, or they aren’t properly executing their plan because of poor training. Just as there are inexperienced/poor recruiters, there are such candidates.

I personally will give anyone selling me something 1min to draw me in. I do this for two reasons.

1. To give them the industry courtesy to do their job.

2. To possibly learn something from their pitch that I can use, or to critique them to improve their’s.

What is the harm with dropping the guff and the immediate “oh, another recruiter” bit to give them 1min of your day. Perhaps a quick moment during your 1hr long lunchbreak. It could be something that isn’t right for you, or it could be a position with more responsibilities, more pay, or just something new.

I challenge you to test this out, and give 1min to each recruiter. You’ll be surprised with what you might find.


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